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    Wills and Estates

    If you are age 18 or over, you are not too young to think or worry about having a will. Legal sources indicate that only 45 percent of adults across the United States have a Last Will and Testament. When a person dies with no will in place, that person dies intestate. When that happens, state law governs how the deceased person’s assets will be divided – that is, to whom and in what order – without regard for the person’s own personal wishes. If you want to be certain your property and assets are directed according to your wishes, it is imperative that you have a will in place. And if you want your will to be considered valid in the eyes of the Court, you need the services of a qualified probate or family law attorney to make sure all legal requirements are met.

    New York State laws regarding estates and wills are very specific in their requirements. The experts at the Law Office of Lance H. Meyer are well familiar with the legalities in all areas concerning wills, trusts, and estate planning in New York, and are available to answer all your questions.

    Most people find discussing their will and planning their estate to be a difficult, uncomfortable conversation. But without a valid will or another legal directive, your family or loved ones could face unnecessary hardship or worse – be left with nothing – at the time of your death. With proper estate planning, you know your property and assets will be directed according to your wishes, and you ease the burden on your family, survivors, and other beneficiaries.

    The Law Office of Lance H. Meyer provides all the estate planning services you need. We draft wills, trusts, and living wills. We recommend all adults take the prudent step of having these documents in place. In addition, we serve as probate attorney for handling your estate after death or if a guardian or conservator needs to be appointed for a minor or someone who is incapacitated or incompetent. To maintain control over your finances and know your wishes are carried out the way you want in the event you become incapacitated, a durable power of attorney through which you name someone to conduct transactions on your behalf is another legal consideration.

    For help at every stage of the estate planning and administration process, contact the Law Office of Lance H. Meyer. We take a thoughtful, personal approach with every client. Attention to every last detail is key to ensuring your wishes are properly documented and carried out. We handle all of the following and more:

    • Estate planning – Wills, trusts, powers of attorney, living wills, health care directives
    • Estate administration – All aspects of the probate process: making the requisite New York State legal filings, satisfying notice requirements, preparing and handling state and federal tax returns, settling the estate’s overall financial matters
    • Estate litigation – Contested wills, property disputes, contested heirs, etc.

    Reasons for Having a Last Will and Testament

    The most obvious reason for having a Last Will and Testament is so you can establish and designate exactly how your estate will be distributed. There are, however, other excellent reasons for having a proper estate plan. Through a legally valid document, you can accomplish the following:

    • Determine who is to care for your minor children
    • Allow minor children to inherit from you without needing Court involvement
    • Manage how much death/inheritance tax must be paid
    • Disinherit those you do not want to receive your money or property they might otherwise inherit under New York State succession laws
    • Designate tax-free donations to favorite causes or give gifts to specific individuals

    Attorney Lance Meyer knows the value in carefully considering all aspects of the estate planning laws in New York state. His firm takes all necessary steps to arrange your affairs so that, at the time of your death, your matters are in order. Proper and well-managed estate planning facilitates the administration of your estate and provides family and loved ones peace of mind when they need it most. We put your interests and priorities first.

    A will or other legally valid estate planning document ensures you have the last word about what is to happen with your property. As an experienced New York area estate attorney, including New York City’s five boroughs, Westchester, and Long Island, Lance Meyer regularly advises and encourages clients to protect their family and loved ones by protecting all their assets and interests through thorough and proper estate planning.

    When you have a will and estate plan in place, peace of mind is yours, as you know you have all the legal protection you need.

    Contact the Law Office of Lance H. Meyer for a free consultation on how we can assist you with all your estate planning needs – all at a cost that is reasonable and affordable to you.