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    Practice Areas

    The Law Office of Lance H. Meyer specializes in all areas of family law. We serve clients in the greater New York City & Long Island Area, including Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island; Suffolk and Nassau Counties on Long Island, and Westchester.

    Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

    • Family law – Proper and thorough legal counsel and representation are needed to resolve family disputes and disagreements that can arise at any time. The matter can be between you and a spouse or partner, or between you and another family member, and legal intervention may be the best – or only – way to solve the matter to ensure your interests are fully and adequately represented.
    • Divorce law – More often than not, divorce is an emotionally charged situation, and feelings can easily get in the way during a divorce proceeding. We remain focused on treating you with the respect and courtesy you deserve, while also seeking the fairest, most equitable outcome for you based on the circumstances.
    • Spousal maintenance (Alimony) – Judges consider a variety of factors when deciding how much spousal support is to be paid. Whether you are the spouse who will be ordered to pay maintenance or the spouse who will be receiving maintenance, we represent your interests – to make certain you receive the full amount to which you are entitled or that you pay what is just and fair.
    • Equitable property distribution – New York State law is specific when it comes to dividing and distributing marital property as part of a divorce proceeding. Judges must ensure a property is distributed equitably between the two parties. In representing you, we make sure the judge has all the information necessary to make the best decision possible in terms of marital property distribution.
    • Child custody and visitation – When it comes to making decisions about child custody and child visitation, parents are usually not able to reach an amicable resolution on their own. When courts decide which parent has custody, their focus is always on what is in the best interests of the child. We help you through the entire legal process and make sure you are properly represented.
    • Child support – The laws of New York State regarding child support are clear: A noncustodial parent must pay child support calculated on the basis of the parents’ income and other relevant factors. Whether you are the parent collecting child support or the parent facing child support payments – we support you through the entire legal process – and make certain payments are both fair and all they should be.
    • LGBTQ marriage/divorce/family matters – For the most part, same-sex marriages, divorces, and child custody and child support matters are handled the same way they would be for a heterosexual couple in the same situation. However, intricacies and nuances may come into play that affects the outcome of your situation. We understand and provide legal support that protects you and supports your rights.
    • Pre-/postnuptial agreements – Pre- and post-nuptial agreements in New York must meet certain requirements if they are to be legally valid and binding in the course of a marriage or divorce. We understand these requirements and structure agreements to give you control over your assets and best protect them should the need arise.
    • Estate planning – Proper and timely estate planning, whether through a will, trust, or lifetime gift, are essential if you want to help your family and loved ones at the time of your death or if you become incapacitated. By addressing these matters while you are still able, you can be certain your own last wishes will be addressed and your loved ones cared for.

    The Law Office of Lance H. Meyer provides all the legal representation you need. As a leading family law firm in the New York City & Long Island Area, we provide quality legal representation in all areas of family law and put your interests and priorities first. We always advocate on your behalf and provide vigorous, aggressive legal representation that gets favorable results, both in and out of court.

    We take your call 24/7, and our initial consultation is free. Call us today to see how we can handle all your family law matters.