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    Family Law

    Family law encompasses a wide range of concerns that can arise within a marriage, domestic partnership, or civil union. Many of these are stressful and emotionally charged for those involved. Domestic issues such as divorce and child custody are often upsetting to the lives of the children and spouses involved, and dealing with them and other family matters can be both difficult and complex. Family lawyer Lance H. Meyer understands how disruptive and trying the process of dealing with family law issues can be, and never recommends either party to the matter attempt to go it alone.

    There are many aspects of New York State family law that could arise in the course of a family law dispute or proceeding. Having proper legal representation ensures no intricacy of the law is missed or mishandled. Don’t let feelings get in the way of you knowing, or properly fighting for, your legal rights. You need a competent, experienced, New York family law attorney to help you navigate the complexities of the law and fight for what is right and fair for you.

    At the Law Office of Lance H. Meyer, we bring expertise in all areas of family law, including:

    • Divorce and separation
    • Child custody and visitation
    • Child support
    • Spousal support/alimony
    • Pre-/post-nuptial agreements
    • Equitable distribution of property
    • LGBT family law and counsel
    • Estate planning

    We understand the court system and its workings with domestic matters throughout the greater New York City & Long Island Area, and support clients from Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, and Westchester.

    How Does the Law Office of Lance H. Meyer Support Clients?

    With your interests in mind at all times, we provide the best legal counsel we can to protect your rights and ensure you receive everything to which you are entitled. Our goal is to inform and guide you through the legal process relevant to your situation, and ensure you understand your role and responsibility as well as the potential legal and financial ramifications involved. Our advice is practical, realistic, and reliable, and our approach is direct and straightforward so you can make fully aware and informed decisions.

    In addition, we:

    • Stay abreast of all relevant laws and rules
    • Communicate status updates to you in a timely manner and as needed to the opposing party’s attorney
    • Complete all required paperwork, forms, and filings
    • Accompany you to court and represent you before the judge
    • Seek an appropriate amount of compensation if you have experienced pain and suffering

    Choose the Law Office of Lance H. Meyer

    Lance H. Meyer, Esq., understands the challenges family members face when going through difficult situations such as a divorce, child custody battle, or some other dispute that is best served by having legal counsel. We offer a free consultation upfront, so we can get to know you and the situation you are dealing with. This consultation is also your opportunity to get answers to whatever questions you may have.

    Our first step, when possible, is to attempt to settle an issue out of court. We view this as a step that is easier and less stressful for all parties involved. However, when agreement cannot be reached out of court, due to one or both sides at a stalemate, we represent you competently and vigorously in court, and always advocate for your best interests.

    You can trust us to provide expert advice at all times and in all categories of family law, from divorce, child custody, and child support, to spousal support and property distribution, to same-sex marriage issues and pre- and post-nuptial agreements, as well as in the areas of wills and estates.

    • We treat your legal matter with the care and attention it deserves, which means you experience less stress and can tend to your own personal matters.
    • You can rest assured that we handle your case properly and thoroughly, so you avoid mistakes that could cost you financially or emotionally for years to come.
    • And we stay on top of your case so resolution comes with little to no delay and you can get on with your life.

    The Law Office of Lance H. Meyer serves Nassau, Queens, and Suffolk Counties, as well as greater New York City and Long Island, and is committed to helping families navigate the legal challenges that often arise with family law matters.

    If you need to understand your rights as they relate to any type of family law concern, contact attorney Lance H. Meyer today.