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In many instances a person relies upon their spouse for financial support and is unable to support their lifestyle upon a separation or divorce. New York Courts look at many factors when determining whether to require alimony payments, the amount of those payments, and how long such payments must be made. In general courts consider the length of the marriage, the income of each spouse (and ability to make payments), and the lifestyle enjoyed by the couple, among other factors. New York State courts are empowered to impute income to a spouse parent above that which is declared on that person’s tax return, however, evidence must be presented to the Court to allow them to reach that conclusion. Our firm will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive or pay the appropriate amount of spousal support, if any.

Due to the numerous and complex factors that are considered by the courts in New York when determining the amount and length of alimony payments, it is imperative that you have the assistance of a qualified and experienced divorce attorney to fight on your behalf. Whether negotiating a spousal support agreement or litigating the issue in court, our firm is here to provide you with sound legal representation and ensure that you receive the appropriate amount of child support or not pay an inflated and unjust amount of support.

Our firm has had success obtaining favorable spousal support results on behalf of our clients. We appreciate the impact spousal support payments can have on the future of a person’s life and will work endlessly on your behalf to meet your individual needs. Call now for your free consultation with a divorce lawyer in Long Island to discuss how we can help you.

Here are few common questions we can help you answer:

  • How are alimony and spousal payments calculated?
  • Am I eligible for spousal support?
  • Does alimony depend on the length of the marriage?
  • I have a prenupt. Does it help with spousal support?
  • Does child support have priority over Spousal Support?
  • I don't have a job, do I get spousal support?

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